Sluice - founded and run by artists and curators - assumes different forms in response to structural and environmental requirements.
Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries. This means that since 2011 Sluice has existed as a peripatetic expo, gallery, biennial, screening, magazine, symposium and residency. Headquartered in London, Sluice seeks the local, trans-nationally. Sluice maintains a critical stance in relation to the institution and the establishment.

Whilst Sluice as a whole is non-profit, the Sluice magazine is a commercial endeavour, the differentiation means that whilst Sluice activities are rebuttals to the commercialisation of the art world - Sluice magazine has the duel aim of staking a theoretical territory whilst funneling any profits back into our primary organisational activities.

How should artist/curator-run galleries and projects manifest? What position can and should we occupy in relation to the broader arts ecology, to the commercial art world, to institutionalism? How can we advance emergent discourse on a local, national and international level? How is social capital accrued, by what mechanisms and for what can it be exchanged? Does participation equal collaboration? Does authorship become fluid in the artist/curator run context? Is an exhibition an artwork? Is an organisation an artist?


Sluice works with artist and curator-led projects and galleries, collectives, collaborations and alternative platforms. Broadly defined, Sluice is concerned with artist-led culture. Roughly once a year Sluice will organise a large scale event either in the UK or elsewhere. On occasion we will work directly with artists but mostly our opportunities are only open to the above. All opportunities to participate in Sluice events are announced via our newsletters.


Sluice magazine exists to contextualise the artist-led as the primary site of art as praxis. Sluice broadly explores the impact of the societal and economic environment on the arts and vice versa. Within this framework each edition of the biannual magazine has a different thematic focus.
Sluice magazine is, on the whole, not written by professional writers but by artists, curators and on occasion, academics. If you're interested in writing for Sluice magazine subscribe to our newsletter or keep an eye out on our social media channels.


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