Artist-led Vernacular.

What does art look like when in dialogue with environmental, geographical, political and ethical considerations? An art of dissent, an art against the status quo.

The 2024 Sluice expo revolves around the concept of thevernacular as a means to investigate how culture can manifest in response to differing stimuli, be it structural or ethical.
The expo is an opportunity for a loosely defined sector, encompassing artist-led initiatives, curator-led projects, collectives, non-profit organisations and galleries to converge. This gathering serves the dual purpose of mutual learning whilst presenting an under-represented facet of the creative ecology to an inquisitive public. The aim is to foster the commonalities between a dispersed community and enhance its strength.

Artist-led culture. Artist-powered culture.

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Sluice is a non-profit initiative based in the UK, led by artists and curators. Since 2011 Sluice has collaborated exclusively with other artist and curator-led projects, collectives and non-profit initiatives. We create multi-faceted events around the world, focusing on the local in a transnational context.
Sluice vernacular was developed in partnership with the Minories.

The Minories is a long-standing part of the cultural fabric of Colchester whose programme of activity is based on supporting emerging artists and artists from under-represented groups, to build creative capacity and resilience in the cultural sector in Colchester.
The Minories is formed of two connected charities. The building and collection of East Anglian Art is owned by the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation. The spaces and creative programme are run by the We are the Minories charity.