Since shortly after Sluice was founded in 2011 we have sat down with artist/curator-led projects to capture short introductory interviews.
Not all the projects are still active and as such this archive acts as a time capsule of artist-led activity around the world. New interviews are posted periodically.

The Sluice encounters interviews are inspired by the excellent Hither & Thither series of videos produced by Tether TV in 2010.
Sluice formed in 2011 and continues to document artist/curator-run projects in short introductory interviews.


Odense - Denmark

26 August - 1 September 2019

Sluice.refresh is a collaborative filmic effort which represents a DIY, DIWO, decentralised, gonzo creative exercise connecting Odense residents with a global network of artists implicitly examining the nature of authorship vs spectatorship in the context of the activated audience.

The composite film elements will be collected in response to the preceeding M100 exhibition, and more broadly in relation to ideas around authorship, spectatorship and participation.

via the QR code below send your short movies to to be included in the exhibition. All participating artists will be listed on this page as they're added to the exhibition.

Sluice.refresh is hosted by M100 gallery, the work is selected and contextualised by Sluice. Sluice.refresh is a satellite exhibition to the Odense Film Festival.

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