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  Since 2011 we have sat down with artist/curator-led projects to capture short introductory interviews.
Not all the projects are still active and as such this archive acts as a time capsule of artist-led activity around the world. New interviews are posted periodically.

The Sluice Encounters interviews are inspired by the excellent Hither & Thither series of videos produced by Tether TV in 2010.
Sluice formed in 2011 and continues to document artist/curator-run projects in short introductory interviews.


EXCHANGE BERLIN is an international exposition of artist/curator-led presentations loosely underpinnned by ideas around transnational localism.
EXCHANGE BERLIN encourages integrated, collaborative and even spontaneous modes of exhibition and critical evaluation. The aim of all Sluice projects is to offer an independent alternative to the dominant organisational paradigms whilst demonstrating a belief in the importance of international engagement for otherwise local projects.


2018 programme


EXCHANGE BERLIN was borne from previous manifestations in NY under the title Exchange Rates (co-created by Sluice, Centotto and Theodore:Art). The expo’s first iteration was in October 2014 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A second Exchange Rates took place in October 2016, again in Bushwick. The EXCHANGE exhibitions now travel to a new city every two years. In addition to the EXCHANGE project, Sluice is also responsible for the London based Sluice Biennial and the international Sluice magazine.
For each EXCHANGE project, Sluice is invited by and partners with an organisation from a host city, for EXCHANGE BERLIN Sluice has partnered with The Institut für Alles Mögliche, an artistic project that sets about questioning, scrutinising and probing the institutionalisation and presentation of contemporary art. These mostly playful experiments deal with interrogations of the ‘art space’, the operatings of the ‘project space’ and ideas surrounding the ‘exhibition’. The central concept for both Sluice and The Institut für Alles Mögliche is to develop spaces of possibility in which exchange and experiences can take place and space where artistic activity can come in to being.



Director / Karl England 
Operations Manager / Rosanna van Mierlo
Production Manager / Paul Cole
Design / Christian Küsters
Education Facilitator / Aleks Prigozhin
Gallery Liaison / Charlie Levine

Production Assistants /
James Horgan
Emma Da Costa
James Randell


Scan any gallery logo and selected art works at the expo, in the magazine or online.
Uncover the stories behind the galleries, the artists and the art works.
Follow the maps, view the videos, discover the ideas that connect the expo's participants.

 16 - 18 OCTOBER 

 ArtHelix  ▷ New York
 BLOC Projects  ▷ Sheffield
 Blackwater Polytechnic  ▷ Essex
 Caustic Coastal  ▷ Manchester
 Division of Labour  ▷ Worcester
 DOLPH  ▷ London
 Dorado Projects  ▷ New York
 Ech-O-Cham-Ber  ▷ Birmingham
 Day+Gluckman  ▷ London
 Florence Trust  ▷ London
 galleryELL  ▷ New York
 Gallery North  ▷ Newcastle
 Interview Room 11  ▷ Edinburgh
 Islington Mill  ▷ Salford
 Lateral ArtSpace  ▷ Cluj
 Look&Listen  ▷ Saint-Chamas
 MADE  ▷ New York
 PAPER Gallery  ▷ Manchester
 The Penthouse  ▷ Manchester
 QWERTY  ▷ Odense
 The Royal Standard  ▷ Liverpool
 Saturation Point  ▷ London
 SEASON  ▷ Seattle
 Slate Projects  ▷ London
 Square Art Projects  ▷ London
 studio 1.1  ▷ London
 Surface Arts  ▷ Bangkok
 studio 1.4  ▷ London
 Studio One  ▷ London
 Theodore:Art  ▷ New York
 TMLE  ▷ London
 Transition Gallery  ▷ London
 Vacuous  ▷ London
 Vane  ▷ Newcastle

The Shadow Archive

The Shadow Archive is a live and ongoing archive that collects and catalogues self-organised art spaces. It operates on the premise that such spaces can be understood as co-authored artworks, created collaboratively as useful sites for discussion, production, support, exhibition and interaction. The Shadow Archive offers a platform for those that run self-organised art spaces to describe themselves and seeks to archive the subjectivity of each space.

The Shadow Archive is an ongoing curatorial project by independent curator, Nathalie Boobis, in collaboration with archivist, Anthony Day.


For Sluice_screens 2015 several curators and artists have been invited to programme a day each. On the final day the winner of the inaugral Sluice_screens ↄc Prize will be exhibited.

Thursday 15 October
Things to Come - Luciano Zubillaga
Curated by Gordon Shrigley of Filmarmalade

Friday 16 October
From Nowhere - various artists
Curated by Jean-Michel Crapanzano of MetaMatrix Art Lab

Saturday 17 October
Frames - Laura Pawela
Curated by Lindsay Friend of IMT Gallery

 Sunday 18 October
Half Lives - Amy Lunn
Sluice_screens ↄc


  • Art in the Public Sphere

    Friday / 1.30pm 16th Oct

    What does it mean to make 'public art'? How does working with art in the public sphere affect both the art, and the public? A discussion with an artist and public programmer on the benefits and pitfalls of 'public art' practice.

  • Chaired by:   Ben Street
  • Panelists:
  • Jennifer Thatcher
  • Simon Periton

  • 'After Carl'

    Friday / 3pm 16th Oct

    A discussion of the discrepancies around Carl Andre's 'Equivalent VIII' (Tate), its description, measurements, provenance, and position within art history.

  • Presented by: Ech-O-Cham-Ber
  • Panelists:
  • Andr de Jong
  • Andrew Lacon
  • Cathy Wade
  • Anneka French

  • The University Gallery

    Friday / 4.30pm 16th Oct

    What is the role, function and value of a university art gallery? A response to the variety of relationships that exist between Universities and the processes and places of art exhibition that occur within or in relation to them. How practices of art making, curation and teaching respond to shifts within both the HE sector and the wider context of art exhibition. What is the nature, purpose, and value of university art galleries? An analysis and discussion of the topic, with reference to new research from Northumbia University.

  • Presented by: NEUSCHLOSS
  • Panelists:
  • Gavin Wade
  • Matthew Cornford
  • Andrea Phillips

  • Copyright / Copyleft

    Sunday / 11.30am 18th Oct

    How is the virality of digitised art effecting the perception of creative production? What effect do the differing philosophical stances inherent to copyright vs copyleft have on how the art-world engages with artists? What light can be thrown on this post-internet battleground by contextualising it within an art-historical framework?

  • Chaired by:   Ben Street
  • Panelists:
  • Laura Davidson
  • Masha McConaghy
  • Keh Ng
  • Matthew Stock

  • Collecting Collectively

    Sunday / 1.50pm 18th Oct

    Making collecting a more affordable, socially inclusive activity. The talk will explore how developing a larger, culturally diverse constituency of collectors helps to build bridges between new audiences, the art market and artists.

  • Presented by:   The Collective

  • Abstract Revival

    Sunday / 3pm 18th Oct

    A conversation about the current revival of abstract painting, led by three abstract painters.

  • Presented by:   Square art Projects
  • Panelists:
  • Piers Veness
  • Enrico Gomez
  • Juan Bolivar

  • The Art World as Open System

    Sunday / 4.30pm 18th Oct

    Exploring the principal of open vs closed systems, to address the question: which tools do I need as an artist to take part in an open environment?

  • Presented by:   Look&Listen
  • Panelists:
  • Yifat Gat
  • Erin Lawlor
  • Katrina Blannin

The 2015 Sluice_talks programme is supported by:


Issue one of the new Sluice_magazine will hit the newsstands early October 2015.

Issue one features articles by Thomas Marks, Clara Keating, Laura Davidson, an interview by Paulette Terry Brien and much more.


Shared spaces and cultural currencies. Currencies tangible and intangible.
Variable valuations of the same.

Conceived and produced by arts organizations helmed by artists and curators in Bushwick, Brooklyn and London, England, Exchange Rates—known also in this inaugural iteration as The Bushwick Expo—is an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces on visit from elsewhere.

Some exhibits will be integrated, some collaborative yet autonomous, some even spontaneous or virtual.
The rates of exchange, as such, will fluctuate, while the currencies of exchange—ideas and culture—remain fixed.

Visit one space to visit several. Visit Bushwick to get a glimpse of aesthetic endeavors both here and in a dozen other cities.

Come to Exchange Rates for a creative breath of fresh air.


19 & 20 OCTOBER

Sluice2013 is also working with:


    Paul Kindersley
    We Make Cinema // Transition Gallery

    Chris Sav
    Ceviche // unit11studios

    EC Davies
    Donthinklove // Vane

    Jeremy Evans
    Dalla Rosa

    The Last Waltz // Frank Bobbins Institute

    Rosanne Robertson, Debbie Sharp & associates

    Nicola Smith
    Balloon Girl Versus // Paper Gallery

    Caro Halford
    Prescription only // XVI Collective

    44 artists videos
    The Paraphernalia Boutique // Filmarmalade

Simon Woolham & Alice Bradshaw
Paper Gallery

Good Cop Bad Cop
Goat Major Projects [Welsh Pavilion]

Sylva Dean and Me
Forgiveness is Earned // xvi collective

Fiona Winterflood & SPASKI
Neues froth kunsthalle

Karolina Magnusson Murray
Magic Shop 2 // XVI Collective

Workshop based on collaborative practice by // BRG

Violet Fingers
Let its mother stroke its fur because its so mysterious // C&C Gallery

Travis Townson
reel to reel [drop-in] // Goat Major Projects


  • Mark Jackson / Richard Hylton / Pierre Coinde
  • Here Be Curators. Who or what is a curator? Are curators necessary and, if so, what are the limits of their domain? The title of "curator" appears to be changing in meaning at an exponential rate. Is the title of curator an attempt to embellish a more mundane practice with an essence of creativity and expertise? Has the curator become a creative, or are we only now acknowledging the creativity and necessary specialisation involved in the field? What impact does such a curator have on the process of exhibiting art?

  • Alistair Gentry
  • Artbollocks Theatre. Dramatic readings of the worst gallery press releases, the most comically bad artist statements and the most incomprensible critical writing about art, followed by a public discussion about the pitfalls of verbal and prose interpretation of the visual.


  • "Why Brooklyn? Why Bushwick? Why now?"
  • Five gallerists discuss their experience of the art world and the wild heterogeneity of an emerging art scene in a changing part of New York.

  • Jeremy Hutchison / Ben Street
  • Artist Jeremy Hutchison will collaborate with Ben Street to create a critical exploration of arts education, taking the form of interactive workshop activities at roaming locations throughout the space. With the role and function of arts education coming under increased pressure in difficult financial times, this performative activity - critical, irreverent and engaging - will make a case for education as a site of questioning.


  • Keh Ng and Matthew Stock
  • Imagining a re-synchronizing (The Phantom Twin). The talk will uncover deeper understandings regarding ideas of creation through new forms of collaboration. The (not so) science fiction ideas of artificial intelligence as an increasingly active agent within modes of making. How alternative modes of artistic production and collaboration can be imagined through new forms of social and political change by focusing on radical autonomous networks vs accepted nodes of production.


15 & 16 OCT

Sluice2011 was generously hosted by the THE MUSICROOM

SLUICE is both exhibition space and platform for discussion and creation. Featuring an open layout for expansive installations, performative works and screenings including a multifaceted supporting programme consisting of, panel discussions, art-making educational activities for children and young people and artist publishing bookstands.

Primarily focusing on artist & curator run spaces, Sluice provides an informal and accessible temporary platform to exhibit, gain exposure and encourage dialogue between artists, curators and audiences.


A two day programme of performances included the following artists:

  • Rainer Ganahl
  • Edwina Ashton
  • Alexander Costello
  • Filmarmalade screenings
  • We buy from the poor and sell to the rich
  • Kate Janes
  • Alex Baker and Kit Poulson
  • Simon Linington and William Mackrell
  • Ladies of the Press

Sluice Panel 2011

Art fairs - are they necessary? What's their relationship or even impact on art production? What's the effect on the way art is digested and understood by the wider public beyond the art world in-crowd?

Panelists: Jasper Joffe Artist and founder of the Free Art Fair. Cathy Lomax Artist and founder of Transition Gallery. Alistair Gentry Artist, member of Market Project and author.



Odense - Denmark

29 – 31 August 2019

Sluice.refresh is a collaborative filmic effort which represents a DIY, DIWO, decentralised, gonzo creative exercise connecting Odense residents with a global network of artists all examining the nature of authorship vs spectatorship in the context of the activated audience.

participating artists

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau
Maggie Roberts
Tash Kahn
Mikkel Larris
Richard Seaholme
Rachel Qvist-Richards
Neale Willis
Anders Qvist Nielsen
Mette Vejstrup Madsen
Karl England
Vivi Christensen
Sam Risley
Carmen Zhang
Agape Harmani

Sluice.refresh is hosted by M100 galleri, the work is selected by Sluice and curatorial partner IMT Gallery. Sluice.refresh is a satellite exhibition to the Odense Film Festival.

m100 sandp imt


statens obelske spar odense