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Exchange Rates

Shared spaces and cultural currencies. Currencies tangible and intangible.
Variable valuations of the same.

Conceived and produced by arts organizations helmed by artists and curators in Bushwick, Brooklyn and London, England, Exchange Rates—known also in this inaugural iteration as The Bushwick Expo—is an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces on visit from elsewhere.

Some exhibits will be integrated, some collaborative yet autonomous, some even spontaneous or virtual.
The rates of exchange, as such, will fluctuate, while the currencies of exchange—ideas and culture—remain fixed.

Visit one space to visit several. Visit Bushwick to get a glimpse of aesthetic endeavors both here and in a dozen other cities.

Come to Exchange Rates for a creative breath of fresh air.

It is an exposition, to wit. Not a fair.

Fresh Window
56 Bogart St, lower level, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Random Institute
· Linda Tegg ·
· Karyn Olivier ·
· Thomas Moor ·
Zürich, Switzerland

· Andrew Seto ·
· Sharon Butler ·
· Joyce Robins ·
56 Bogart St, Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NY 11206

· Seth Friedman ·
· Michael Ottersen ·
Seattle, USA

Blackwater Polytechnic
· Paula Kane ·
· Freddie Robins ·
· Simon Emery ·
· Justin Knopp ·
· Sara Impey ·
· Ben Coode-Adams ·
Essex, England

Storefront Ten Eyck
· Group show ·
324 Ten Eyck St, Brooklyn NY 11206

La Couleuvre
· Katerina Christidi ·
· Frederique Lucien ·
· Philippe Richard ·
· Christophe Robe ·
Paris, France

Signal Gallery
· Daniel V. Keller ·
260 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Up State
· Selina Grüter+Michèle Graf ·
Zürich, Switzerland

Studio 10
· Jude Tallichet ·
56 Bogart St, Brooklyn,
NY 11206

Class1 Gallery
Middlesbrough, UK

Brooklyn FireProof
119 Ingraham St, brooklyn NY 11237

· Matthew Andrew ·
· Caitlin Griffiths ·
· Vishwa Shroff ·
Birmingham, UK

Arts In Bushwick
· Group show · Bushwick, USA

Sluice__ screens
· Group show of projected art ·
London, UK

· Jens Andersen ·
· Anders Qvist Nielsen ·
· Mikkel Larris ·
· Indigo Richards ·
Collective, Denmark

Honey Ramka
· Elizabeth Ferry ·
56 Bogart St, #1E Brooklyn, NY 11206

Transition Gallery
· Kirsty Buchanan ·
· Cathy Lomax ·
· Alli Sharma ·
London, UK

Tiger Strikes Asteroid
44 Stewart Ave, #49, Brooklyn, NY 11237

GSL Projekt
· Joey Holder ·
· Hanna Ljungh ·
· Marie Von Heyl ·
· Alana Lake ·
· Rita Macedo ·
Berlin, Germany

Norte Maar @ Schema Projects.
92 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

· Frances Disley ·
· Jenny Core ·
· Bethan Hamilton ·
· George Shaw ·
· David Miles ·
· Rachel Wrigley ·
Manchester, UK

Platform Gallery
· Jesse Burke ·
· Patte Loper ·
· Kelly Mark ·
· Ross Sawyers ·
· Marc Dombrosky ·
· Robert Yoder ·
Seattle, USA

Fuchs Projects
· Rafael Fuchs ·
56 Bogart St, #1E Brooklyn, NY 11206

Queens Park Railway Club
· John Butler ·
· Patrick Jameson ·
· Ellis Luxemburg ·
Glasgow, UK

A Brooks Art
· Sadie Hennessy ·
· Julia Riddiough ·
London, UK

The Parlour Bushwick
· Cate Giordano ·
· Christopher Patch ·
791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

· Cathy Wade ·
· Andrew Lacon ·
· Andre de Jong ·
Birmingham, UK

Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B Brooklyn, NY 11237

Durden and Ray
· collective group show ·
Los Angeles, USA

Active Space
566 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn , NY 11206

Associated Gallery
· Julian Lorber ·
· Matthew Shelley ·
Bushwick, USA

Artist Proof Studio
· Bevan de Wet ·
· Jan Tshikhutula ·
South Africa

Telescope Gallery
· Zhang Xiujun ·
· Bai Ye ·
Beijing, China

· Chris McDonald ·
· Heeseop Yoon ·
Bushwick, USA

Parallel Art Space
· Joshua Johnson ·
· Frank Zadlo ·
Bushwick, USA

Fort Gallery
· Robert Pratt ·
· Rob Leech ·
London, UK

The Vazquez Building
Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Division of Labour
· Tom Russotti ·
Worcester, UK

The Penthouse
· Rosanne Robertson ·
· Debbie Sharp ·
· 2 Koi Karp ·
· Gary Fisher ·
· Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer ·
Manchester, UK

Pitt & Sluice__ projects
Metamatrix ArtLab

· Ben Street ·
· Nathaniel Pitt ·
· Karl England ·
· Jean-Michel Crapanzano ·
Worcester & London, UK
Heerlen, Netherlands

· Dexter Ciprian ·
· Nontsikelelo Mutiti ·
· Megan Stockton ·
Bushwick, USA

· Sean Alexander ·
· Sarah Gilbert ·
· Sarah E. Gilbert ·
· Nicholas Nyland ·
Tacoma, USA

Harbor gallery
· Antoniadis & Stone ·
· Michael Childress ·
Bushwick, USA

· Jay Cloth ·
· Keran James ·
London, UK

Late night opening on Saturday 25th

299 Meserole St Brooklyn, NY 11206

· Natalia Kempowsky ·
· Keran James ·
· Daniel Devlin ·
· Herzog Dellafiore ·
· Peter Seewasser ·
London, UK

Metamatrix ArtLab
· Jean-Michel Crapanzano ·
Heerlen, Netherlands
The Metamatrix Artlab will be a video and projected programme situated in several Exchange Rates venues.

Centotto Gallery
· Brooke Moyse ·
250 Moore Street #108, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Museo Microcollection
· Elisa Bollazzi ·
· Hubert Renard ·
Milan, Italy
Paris, France

Beat Nite only

Info Desk
56 Bogart St, Brooklyn
The Expo's hub featuring maps, brochures & flyers in the midst of a pop-up exhibit by Theodore:Art
& Centotto.


  • Welcome drinks @ Alaska
  • Thursday / 8-Late 23th Oct
    35 Ingraham St Brooklyn, NY 11206

    Alaska is kindly hosting a salutatory reception for drinks and greetings at the end of the Expo's first day. This event is open to everyone. Be sure to inquire about drink specials.

  • Friday / 6-10pm 24th Oct
    Venue: various

    Jason Andrew and Norte Maar bring back the late night in Bushwick with the 11th edition of Beat Nite featuring a special international edition. Beat Nite: Exchange Rates will be held Friday, October 24, 6-10pm and will feature Bushwick based art spaces hosting an international exchange of galleries and artists.

    Beat Nite: Exchange Rates will include all spaces participating in Exchange Rates.

  • Noise Above Noise
  • Friday / 7-10pm 24th Oct.
    The Vazquez Building, Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    As part of Beat Nite The Penthouse hosts a special Noise Above Noise on Friday 24th featuring new live sound art works by The Penthouse artists.

  • Friday / 10-12am 24th Oct
    The Vazquez Building, Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    The Beat Nite Afterparty will be held on the roof at The Vazquez Building.

  • Collectives and Collaborations: Artist Groups and Curatorial Partners
  • Saturday / 2pm 25th Oct
    The Active Space, 566 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn , NY 11206

  • Chaired by Ben Street
  • Panelists:
  • Mikkel Larris
  • Lucia Rollow
  • Enrico Gomez
  • Keith Schweitzer
  • Rob de Oude
  • Jason Patrick Voegele
  • Negation and Construction: Two Approaches
  • Saturday / 4-6pm 25th Oct.
    FireProof East, 119 Ingraham St, brooklyn NY 11237

  • Organised by Fixing The Future
  • Practices of negation often operate by considering the entrenched structures of an existing system. However, in Contemporary Art, negational practices, such as Institutional Critique, seem to have been absorbed - while largely leaving power relations intact. Looking to constructive approaches towards the development of institutions and models of the future, how viable are practices of negation today? What theoretical and practical resources might they yet offer to an art world addicted to the power and fast-cash of an exploitative capitalism which remakes it in its own image?

  • Noise Above Noise
  • Saturday / 7-10pm 25th Oct.
    The Vazquez Building, Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    A one off Noise Above Noise event made up of performance works with sounds inspired by The Paradiso Project by The Penthouse with the line up being made extra electric by the addition of MV Carbon and Maria Chavez (Brooklyn). 

    The Vazquez Building, including all the galleries and projects therein will remain open for this late night event.

  • Zoning 101 for Artists
  • Sunday / 12pm 26th Oct
    The Vazquez Building, Corner of Central Ave and Forrest St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    Zoning as it pertains to affordable art production, exhibition, and performance spaces, with emphasis on building solidarity between artists, small businesses and long-term neighborhood residents.

    12pm-1pm introductory workshop limited to 15 participants. Con traductor español. Additional observers are welcome, pending available space. Email info@generis.co to RSVP.
    All are welcome to join Q&A from 1-1.45pm

  • Participatory workshop facilitated by members of:
  • The Center for Urban Pedagogy
  • The Artist Studio Affordability Project

and events during the Expo are free and open to all.

  • Closing Party @ BFP EAST
  • Sunday / 6-10pm 26th Oct
    119 Ingraham St, brooklyn NY 11237

    Brooklyn Fire Proof East is kindly hosting our closing party. Featuring a live set by ALBIN.

  • Fungiculture
  • Before and during the expo

    In the months preceding Exchange Rates a series of interviews with the collaborating galleries will be undertaken. The questions will explore ideas of collaboration, cohabitation, hosting, visiting, gravitation, etc. The interviews will be released on Fungiculture's website during the period leading up to the Expo. Fungiculture will also lead short guided tours during the Expo. The guided tour will be an exercise in charting the network that Exchange Rates has generated, as well as a physical performance of the process of creating networks and conversations.


Exchange Rates was developed by:

Paul D'Agostino / Centotto
Stephanie Theodore / Theodore:Art
Karl England / Sluice__
Ben Street / Sluice__
Charlie Levine / Sluice__


Link to press page: sluice__ press
Link to Press Release (3 sept)


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Exhange Rates 2014

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