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 16 - 18 OCTOBER 

 ArtHelix  New York USA
 BLOC Projects  Sheffield UK
 Blackwater Polytechnic  Essex UK
 Caustic Coastal  Manchester UK
 Division of Labour  Worcester UK
 DOLPH  London UK
 Dorado Projects  New York USA
 Ech-O-Cham-Ber  Birmingham UK
 Day+Gluckman  London UK
 Florence Trust  London UK
 galleryELL  New York USA
 Gallery North  Newcastle UK
 Interview Room 11  Edinburgh UK
 Islington Mill  Salford UK
 Lateral ArtSpace  Cluj Romania
 Look&Listen  Saint-Chamas France
 MADE  New York USA
 PAPER Gallery  Manchester UK
 The Penthouse  Manchester UK
 QWERTY  various Denmark
 The Royal Standard  Liverpool UK
 Saturation Point  London UK
 SEASON  Seattle USA
 Slate Projects  London UK
 Square Art Projects  London UK
 studio 1.1  London UK
 Surface Arts  Bangkok Thailand
 studio 1.4  London UK
 Studio One  London UK
 Theodore:Art  New York USA
 The Modern Language Experiment  London UK
 Transition Gallery  London UK
 Vacuous  London UK
 Vane  Newcastle UK


For Sluice_screens 2015 several curators and artists have been invited to programme a day each. On the final day the winner of the inaugral Sluice_screens ↄc Prize will be exhibited.

Thursday 15 October
Things to Come - Luciano Zubillaga
Curated by Gordon Shrigley of Filmarmalade

Friday 16 October
From Nowhere - various artists
Curated by Jean-Michel Crapanzano of MetaMatrix Art Lab

Saturday 17 October
Frames - Laura Pawela
Curated by Lindsay Friend of IMT Gallery

 Sunday 18 October
Half Lives - Amy Lunn
Sluice_screens ↄc

For more info on the inaugral Sluice_screens ↄc Prize click  here 


Thursday 15 October
The Penthouse - Noise Above Noise
QWERTY - After Life Service
Luis Zubillaga - Ongilash performed by the London College of Music Camerata in partnership with the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble. Presented by Gordon Shrigley of Filmarmalade.
Colden Drystone -

Friday 16 October
Kate Tiernan - Call & Response
The Penthouse - Noise Above Noise
QWERTY - After Life Service

Saturday 17 October
The Penthouse - Noise Above Noise
QWERTY - After Life Service
Beth Kettel - Gooch
Tullis Rennie -
Naomi Kashiwagi - Gramophonica
Eleanor Morgan + Sam Curtis - Fish Printing [workshop]
Amelia Beavis-Harrison - Take on the News

Sunday 18 October
The Penthouse - Noise Above Noise
QWERTY - After Life Service
Kate Spence + Michael Lightborne - Realness
Ruby Tingle - Menagerie in Blue [workshop/performance]


The 2015 Sluice_talks programme is supported by:

  • Art in the Public Sphere

    Friday / 1.30pm 16th Oct

    What does it mean to make 'public art'? How does working with art in the public sphere affect both the art, and the public? A discussion with an artist and public programmer on the benefits and pitfalls of 'public art' practice.

  • Chaired by:   Ben Street
  • Panelists:
  • Jennifer Thatcher
  • Simon Periton

  • 'After Carl'

    Friday / 3pm 16th Oct

    A discussion of the discrepancies around Carl Andre's 'Equivalent VIII' (Tate), its description, measurements, provenance, and position within art history.

  • Presented by: Ech-O-Cham-Ber
  • Panelists:
  • André de Jong
  • Andrew Lacon
  • Cathy Wade
  • Anneka French

  • The University Gallery

    Friday / 4.30pm 16th Oct

    What is the role, function and value of a university art gallery?   A response to the variety of relationships that exist between Universities and the processes and places of art exhibition that occur within or in relation to them. How practices of art making, curation and teaching respond to shifts within both the HE sector and the wider context of art exhibition. What is the nature, purpose, and value of university art galleries? An analysis and discussion of the topic, with reference to new research from Northumbia University.

  • Presented by: NEUSCHLOSS
  • Panelists:
  • Gavin Wade
  • Matthew Cornford
  • Andrea Phillips


Issue one of the new Sluice_magazine will hit the newsstands early October 2015.

Issue one features articles by Thomas Marks, Clara Keating, Laura Davidson, an interview by Paulette Terry Brien and much more.



EXHIBITION / The Missing Chapter

Charlie Levine
Maurice Carlin
Katherine Di Turi
Yifat Gat
Charlotte Morgan
John Ros
Matthew Stock


 The Shadow Archive  

The Shadow Archive is a live and ongoing archive that collects and catalogues self-organised art spaces. It operates on the premise that such spaces can be understood as co-authored artworks, created collaboratively as useful sites for discussion, production, support, exhibition and interaction. The Shadow Archive offers a platform for those that run self-organised art spaces to describe themselves and seeks to archive the subjectivity of each space.

The Shadow Archive is an ongoing curatorial project by independent curator, Nathalie Boobis, in collaboration with archivist, Anthony Day.

Director / Karl England
Director / Ben Street

Associate Curator / Charlie Levine
Production Manager / Paul Cole

Public Relations [consultation]/ Nick Steel

Advisers /
Lindsay Friend / Director / IMT Gallery
Amy Horschak / Associate Educator / MoMA
Daria de Beauvais / Curator / Palais de Tokyo

Production Assistants /

Entry to the fair is free but may be restricted at busy times.

photos: Laura Mott



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